Women’s Day

Women's Day

Hey Women’s

You want that someone still tells you that You are strong, You are an idol of sacrifice and love, You should do this, You should not do that, You must ignore something, Ever be silent, You take care of both home and office, Leave your dreams, Now this is your life, Understand your responsibilities, You can’t even do that. I don’t think you want to listen to this for yourself now. Have you ever thought if someone told you something like this: You are very good as you are, You can fulfil your dreams, You can also live for yourself, You should make your identity, You don’t need to bear the burden, You should do study, You should become an independent & try to do whatever you want to do. We are always with you, No need to fear, live openly, Don’t always think of others, Think about yourself too. You will also like this.

So make yourself independent. So that when someone says to give dowry to your parents, then you can say that I am independent, what can be more dowry than this. When someone says, what you will do by studying, then you can say that by studying I can educate those people who are around me and educate my future generation too. When someone says you need to change, then you can say that sometimes you can change yourself too. When someone says you are a girl, then you can say proudly yes I am a girl.