Unwanted Thoughts

What we don’t want, but they come to our mind unknowingly and we stuck with them or we were not thinking about them but suddenly they come in our think and start to change our positive behavior into a negative. Unwanted thoughts are like we are afraid of losing something, afraid of getting something if something goes wrong with us, what will happen next. As soon as they come to our mind, they make us feel bad, sad, uncomfortable, disturbing, angry and painful.

Why we suffer from unwanted thoughts?

In today’s world, we are suffering from lots of unwelcome things which we don’t want to welcome in our life but unfortunately, we bring some Unwanted thoughts in our life. When and how we suffer from it? The best example for it is Relationship or when we expect more from others. When you are in a relationship then you definitely suffer from many unwanted thoughts like if he/she will leave me, now he/she is not interested in me or lying to me, we didn’t expect it or when we start to think too much about a particular situation or people then we are surrounded by these things easily. The main reason for it that we think too much, start to live in their world and make false assumptions in our minds.

How we can stay away from such thoughts?

We cannot stop unwanted thoughts from coming to our mind, but we can control or we can overcome them. Otherwise, it can make us sick and give us diseases like depression and change our mood frequently. If you want to stay away from it then you have to think less. We all have unwanted thoughts from time to time. It’s human nature. Our thoughts directly affect how we feel. We can control our thoughts and change our results. Sometimes the best way to get over it, engaging yourself with an enjoyable activity

Always remember one thing in our life when we effect from unwanted thoughts “Negativity is a disease that needs timely treatment”

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