How to survive in Office Politics

In this article, we will explain to you how to survive in office politics? Politics has made its place in all working places far less or far more. Office politics arise when two employees are not agreed or don’t keep the same opinion on one thing. It starts when employees bring their emotions, needs, ambitions, insecurities and personal life at their workplaces.

It can be positive or negative, big or small. Some people use politics to get success, a few people use others to look down, to get credits from other’s work. You have to understand how you can survive in office politics

Explaining office politics through ‘Tea and Coffee’

How to survive in Office Politics

Because our CEO or Boss knows about their employees that they are come from different cities, cultures and can have various tastes. So they came up with the idea of different kind of beverages that is tea and coffee because some people to drink tea while others prefer coffee. I know you must be thinking why they do not provide alcohol in place of these because they can’t risk your health and also can’t waste money on it. The main reason is they don’t want to give any reason to fight.

I tell you one more interesting fact about it. Do you ever see someone to fight for tea and coffee, I can easily guess your answer is no because everyone has different taste? If someone likes to drink tea they prefer tea if someone likes to drink coffee they prefer coffee so, here is they don’t want to give any point to fight. If someone is not agreeing at the same point or carries a different opinion. It means they have different perspectives about the specific thing so why do we or engage in politics.

How to win

  • Always make yourself like the professional: Maintain a positive attitude in your office because sometimes things will affect you at work that you don’t want to react to and lose yourself too quickly. A positive attitude can help you to avoid involving in rumors, making biased decisions and gossiping when conversations become personal or noise?
  • Control your emotions:  Never matter how disappointed, aggravated or irritable you are. You need to keep control of your feelings. When you enter the office, you should leave your feelings at the workplace door. With the goal that nothing will influence you during your work.
  • Never make others look awful: Office politics starts when you make others feel bad. Always try to make them feel good because this will come back and look kindly on you.

Do you have a choice that how to react in these situations ‘fight or fly’ I would suggest you choose fly so that it will not affect you 

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