CoronaVirus in India


I hope you all understand after seeing this, what this picture wants to say?

Lord Rama also became helpless when Laxman Ji became unconscious. He was unable to do anything even as God. Then Hanuman Ji assured him that he would bring Sanjeevani Booti to protect Laxman’s life and will protect his life and he did so.

Some similar problems have arisen in front of us. I request you all of you to use the Sanjeevani booti you are getting now so that your life can also be protected. If you do not understand this now, it will be too late and its value will be your life. Cooperate with the government and doctors, Do not make them helpless, do not create problems for them. Understand in time and stay at home, take care of yourself.

This war is of our life which will end soon if we fight it properly #Stayhomechallenge #Stayhealthy #COVID19 #MaintainJantaCurfew #BreakthisChain #Coronavirus