Ambitious Students: Anxious About Their Academic Performance

In today’s life, every student wants to achieve something in their life so they anxious about their performance in the examination. Exams are very important part of education system. It showcases student’s talent, strength and weakness among the students.

Ambitious Students: Anxious About Their Academic Performance

When they entering examination hall, a student goes through multiple questions in his/her mind. The time from leaving the study materials to receiving the question paper is the most confusing period. Did I read this? Did I read that? Oh hi! What have you prepared? Hell! I just left it thinking its probability to come is the least. How much are the passing marks?…and what not. These are the questions for lifetime, since the day you were in class first till the time you give exams throughout your life.

Learning techniques and importance of studies differs at every age group. For a class 10th student the methods will not be the same as that of a first year student in college. At school level one has to mug up everything, not leaving even a single word, write everything as it is, precisely be a root to score more, but at the college level what matters is your intelligence, your grasping power, your writing skills; in college you don’t need to spend several hours to study everything word by word.

Surely, stress is for everyone in examination hall, whether we are talking about toppers or failures. Everyone wants to pass, but the difference in marks is guided by their learning techniques. As soon as the question papers are handed to the student, people start writing at the maximum level of speed. College students know that if they don’t know the answer still they have to write something but never keep paper blank.

Some take time in reading the questions first and then start answering, some bright students don’t read questions and instructions well and so they end up attempting all the questions (including the choices.) some even faint while looking at the questions they have never hoped for, but whatever is the case one thing is the same for all, all want to do immensely well in that limited time.

And finally the bell rings, which means they need to stop writing but still they keep writing, hoping they would outshine with those fractions of seconds. They never leave hope.