Success Story

If you want to get success in your life then you should follow the rule that you shouldn’t give up on your efforts because continuous efforts can make you successful. So be ready to tackleContinue reading


Many times we find such people around us, who keep on finding only the shortcomings in others. Such people forget that one day the person himself suffers from many shortcomings due to just looking atContinue reading


Self help is a light in the darkWhich pulls you from darkness to lightAnd brings a new spark in you. It’s an inner process which focuses on changing your attitude towards the others. It helpsContinue reading


We all have good in us but sometimes we don’t know when our goodness turned into bad. It occurs when things don’t happen according to us. Whenever our good behavior starts to change into theContinue reading



Blankness starts from when people are unable to find fulfillment on their life but nobody knows why they are feeling like that? It’s not a big problem. Even it’s a part of our life becauseContinue reading

Independence Day

Independence Day

To be free doesn’t mean you can do anything. It means you can do the right thing when it is right to do. Taking pride in our country and celebrating 74 years of Independence Day🇮🇳

Loneliness quote


Loneliness describes the negative feelings that occur when your needs aren’t met and people feel alone in the crowd. It can be good or bad. It depends on the situation or a person’s mind. LonelinessContinue reading